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An overview of the eviction process
The process to evict a tenant in Maine depends in part on the type of tenancy that is involved.[Read Article]

Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form for Rental Units in Maine
A checklist to indicate where the dwelling exceeds, meets or falls below minimum efficiency guidelines suggested for Maine. [View/Download Form]

Notice of Termination of Lease
[View/Download Sample Form]

Notice to Quit (Tenancy-at-Will)
[View/Download Sample Form]


Court Rule for evictions, Rule 80D: 

State Laws for Landlord/Tenant matters:



Mobile Home Parks:

Attorney General's Model Lease:
I provide this link to show that there is no substitute for a well drafted lease by your own attorney.  A lease (unlike the Attorney General's model lease) that will serve you, the landlord, and not just the tenant.  There are a number of provisions in this lease that have no basis in the law, are not required by Statute, and can be both costly and time consuming to landlords.  One example is in paragraph 14. A. which requires a two step notice process in order to evict for certain violations of the lease.  Another is in paragraph 14. B. which gives the tenant a 14 day grace period to pay their rent.  State Law for tenants without leases (tenant-at-will) only provides a 7 day grace period.  I do not recommend that any landlord ever use this lease.

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